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Ryan Green has produced another excellent book and belongs at the top with true crime writers such as M. William Phelps, Gregg Olsen and Ann Rule” –B.S. Reid

“Ryan Green has become my favorite author, with his ability to pull you into the story and make you feel like you’re watching it happen in front of your own eyes.” –Katherine Collins

“Ryan Green has a way of delving into the psychology and crimes of a Killer that is equaled only by the Ann Rule books. Told in storytelling style, you will find yourself turning pages as fast as you can read them. Don't miss this one if you are into True crime!” –Cathy AC

“The book reads like a horror fiction novel. There are scenes that are extremely graphic and confronting. It is very gripping reading, but not for the faint hearted.” –Zelda Senior

 “If you want the real true story and facts, then Ryan Green's true crime books are a must read. He tells the story like you are right there watching the evil that murderer's commit.” Maddie S