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In 1927, Charley Braggs arrived home to find two of his children dead. The doctor who observed the children in their last moments diagnosed food poisoning as the cause. There was no need for an autopsy. His wife, Nannie, blamed tainted grains as the source but Charley wasn’t convinced.

Charley didn’t feel safe around his wife. In the middle of the night, he took his eldest daughter and ran for his life.

The outpouring of sympathy doubled for Nannie when they discovered her husband’s treachery. To her community, she was a sweet lady renowned for her cheerful disposition. But behind the facade was a much darker and sinister reality. A truth that four of her future husbands, two of her sisters, her mother, her mother-in-law, her nephew and her grandson would perilously discover.

"Accolades to the author Ryan Green for writing so exceptionally well to lessen the pain of this bizarre case. Five Stars."

- Helene Stephens

"The story is written marvelously by Ryan Green, per usual. There is no work to reading his novels, he writes seamlessly from beginning to end and readers are captured and immersed in the tale.."

- Janet Cloak