The Evolution of Ryan Green

I’m soon approaching my third year as a self-published author. It’s something that I’m still very proud of. I don’t get tired of telling people I’m an author when they ask what I do for a living. The conversation usually shuts down when I go into detail about my chosen subject, especially with the passion that spews from my mouth. They did ask.

With my three-year anniversary approaching, I thought it might be interesting to share my evolution as a writer.

I wouldn’t change anything about the way I’ve developed but it’s fair to say, I’ve come a long way. If you’ve been following my work from the start, you’d have noticed a significant shift in writing style and quality over the years (I hope anyway).

When I started publishing, I didn’t know how to write. I knew what I wanted to write about, but not how. I tried to emulate the work I’d read from other true crime authors whilst inserting my own flavour. The approach worked but I felt I had more to offer.

Over time, I became less concerned about the work of others (for developmental purposes) and focussed more on how I could develop my own style. After releasing The Kurim Case in June 2016, I took some time off from publishing to work on my craft. I attended creative writing classes and actively pursued feedback.

After nearly 12 months away from publishing, I released a book that I felt was different from the rest. Told from the killers perspective. Finally, a style that excited me. I also dug into my pockets and invested in two editors to help improve the quality of my writing. They have helped develop my writing to a new level and I’m grateful for their input.

The result was Obeying Evil. (This is still one of my favourite books)

It was hard hitting and bold. I was extremely nervous about releasing it. I liked it, but would everyone else? How would people react?

The gritty narrative was not to everyone’s liking but the overall reaction was positive. It got readers off the fence. People loved it or loathed it. I was far happier with that reaction, so I continued.

I’ve now written six books in this format. The response from readers, book sales and reviews has never been better. I want to thank you for that!

If you’ve read one of the six books and tried reading my earlier work, you’re likely to find a distinct difference in approach and quality, which is why I’m writing this post. I want to highlight the differences in my work so that you can make more informed decisions about which book to read next. (Should you wish to continue reading my work of course!)

I’ve separated the books into distinct categories to help you identify them and included the publication date:


Harold Shipman – 14th December 2015
Colombian Killers – 29th January 2016
Hannibal the Cannibal – Not published (written after Colombian Killers)
Fred & Rose West – 15th April 2016
The Kurim Case – 26th June 2016

Gritty Narrative

Obeying Evil – 26th June 2017
The Truro Murders – 2nd October 2017
Sinclair – 31st January 2018
You Think You Know Me – 10th April 2018
Torture Mom – 25th June 2018
Killer Cop – 26th September 2018


The Ryan Green True Crime Collection: Vol. 1 – 19th July 2018 (Includes: Harold Shipman, Colombian Killers, Fred & Rose West and The Kurim Case)
The Ryan Green True Crime Collection: Vol. 2 – NOV/DEC 2018 (Includes: Obeying Evil, The Truro Murders, Sinclair and You Think You Know Me)

If you’ve enjoyed reading one of the gritty narratives, you’re likely to appreciate the others in the category. The same logic can be applied for the traditional style. I confused matters by releasing my first four-book collection this year, which contained my earlier work. New readers have been disappointed and I’m responsible for that.

I hope that my second collection and the distinction drawn in this post will help you navigate the differences in my work. Feel free to share your views below.

Thank you for your continued support!


  • Teresa Moore

    Reply Reply October 27, 2018

    Hi Ryan I have read all of your new writing books but none of your earlier one’s.
    I always leave a review after every read and each and everyone has been fantastic reading.
    I keep thinking you can’t do it again but then you do lol.
    Keep them coming Ryan and good luck..

  • Miriam POE

    Reply Reply October 27, 2018

    Mr.Green, I have not read your earlier work, but I love what I have read. Keep up the good work, and good luv

  • Jean Jones

    Reply Reply October 27, 2018

    Mr. Green:
    It was very interesting to read your personal “author evolution”. I went through one of my cloud storage sites the other day(I have a huge one just for my digital books lol. I have a whole bunch of them, lol ) because when I read your post, I recognized one of your *Traditional* works, “Colombian Killers”, and realized I’d read one of your books before. So of course, I had to read it again.
    I had forgotten how much I’d enjoyed this book, just as much as I’ve enjoyed “Killer Cop” & “Torture Mom”.
    Yes, there is a difference in approach, but I think the main difference of writing is a better quality of writing and an extremely fluid flow of thought. One can be taught but the other is just in a writer and needs to be released.
    My husband was also author and I usually edited his work for him, just because he said I was a better editor than who he usually used. He also knew I wasn’t a big fan of his genre, which was poetry, lol , so he figured I could be a better critic that way.
    I personally like both of your styles in writing. A bunch of my favourite authors write in two different styles and I enjoy both styles, so just continue writing the way you do and I’ll be waiting to read your books, no matter which way you will be writing!!!

    Jean in WV

  • Connie Leap

    Reply Reply October 27, 2018

    I have liked everything that I’ve read. I appreciate your writing style. Write on.

  • Debbie Desrocher

    Reply Reply October 27, 2018

    Hi Ryan, I have not read your earlier books but they are definitely on my list.of books I want to read. Love the books I have read of your later work.


  • Nomi

    Reply Reply October 27, 2018

    Hi Ryan,

    Both are good but in my opinion, the later style is better. Keep doing what you’re doing.


  • Dani

    Reply Reply October 27, 2018

    Hi. I haven’t read your earlier work…yet. the subject matter is attention-grabbing. In any case, I enjoy your current writing style.

  • Roy Farmer

    Reply Reply October 27, 2018

    Mr. Green,
    I am honored to read your works and I hope to read a lot more of them.
    Keep up the good work, you are a great author.

  • vicki a gordon

    Reply Reply October 27, 2018

    I’ve read & reviewed “Hannibal the Cannibal” and “Killer Cop”. I enjoyed both. I’m now reading your collection v1 and the first 3 stories were great. I’m having a little trouble getting through “The Kurmin Case” as I am finding it a bit wordy!

  • Connie

    Reply Reply October 29, 2018

    I love reading your work. You are a talented writer. I am a artist, like you I hope others enjoy my paintings and like to hear what they think. Look forward to reading more of your books,

  • Lisa-Marie Scott

    Reply Reply October 29, 2018

    Hi Ryan, I’ve read everything you have written and love your writing style, some of the stories are hard hitting but they are the facts and you tell it in a way that doesn’t glorify or impress your opinions on the reader. I cant wait for a new book! Obeying evil was for me the one I enjoyed the most.
    Keep up the good work and I know I’m a slave driver but I cant wait till your next book? Any sneaky hints on who it will be?

  • Ryan Green

    Reply Reply October 29, 2018

    Thank you to everyone that left a comment above. I appreciate you sharing your honest thoughts on my work.

    I plan on continuing with the current format for the foreseeable future but who knows what the future holds. Speaking of which….

    RE: Lisa-Marie Scott – My next book subject is about Katherine Knight. She killed her partner, cut up his body and attempted to serve his body parts to his children. A truly fascinating case!

  • Kathryn

    Reply Reply December 6, 2018

    I’m new to your work. I intend to read/listen to more. I gather since you have taken time to to mention it, your writing has evolved. I’ll most likely read from newest book to earlier material.

    “Serial killers are just like everyone else, except more so.”

    “Is it likely that any one of us would have become Gerard Schaefer, if placed in the same position?”

    I’m of the same opinion as John E Douglas, whose books I trust you’ve read, who states that many people start out similar to Schaefer and don’t turn into serial killers. It’s a choice.

    What I read to try and discern is what makes them make that choice.

  • Chris Greenhalgh

    Reply Reply March 13, 2019

    Hi Ryan. Never read any of your work before but just finished reading Torture Mom and must congratulate you on your style of writing. I was so engrossed in the way you portrayed this horrific story. I will certainly be reading more of your work. You are an excellent author.


  • Dirty John

    Reply Reply December 31, 2019

    Hi Ryan,

    I’m a big fan of your work. I have read every book that you have written except Hannibal the Cannibal because I can’t find it. Here are my top 5 favorite books by you, in order:

    1) Obeying Evil
    2) Townhouse Massacre
    3) Sinclair
    4) Truro Murders
    5) Kill Em All

    The only book that was really difficult to get through was Torture Mom because of the subject matter, not the writing. I love your writing style!

  • Tracy Woolls

    Reply Reply February 28, 2020

    I have read almost all of your books, or have listened to the audible version and I absolutely love your later writing style. I am a fan of the true-crime genre and while your earlier work was fine, It is definitely not as immersive as the style in which your work evolved. The first book of yours of this style that I read was “Torture Mom”. Oh my goodness, the facts of the case combined with the “gritty narrative” style in which you write left me speechless. I was literally impacted by this tale thanks to the epic way in which you presented it. I was hooked on your books after that and have read/listened to several. I am just starting “Buried Beneath the Boarding House”… Keep ’em coming!!

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