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Four chilling true crime stories in one collection, from the bestselling author Ryan Green.

Volume 4 contains some of Green’s most fascinating accounts of violence, abuse, deception and murder. Within this collection, you'll receive:

The Texas Tower Sniper: The Terrifying True Story of Charles Whitman 

The Kentucky Cannibal: The True Story of an Outlaw, Murderer and Man-Eater

Vampire Killer: A Terrifying True Story of Psychosis, Mutilation and Murder 

Gorilla Killer: A True Story of Betrayal, Brutality and Butchery 

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"I discovered an author by the name of Ryan Green and became hooked. His books ate not for the faint of heart as he doesn't just glaze over the surface, he digs into the psyche of what made them tick! So be warned"

- Alta Roberts

"The true crime genre is one of my favorites and Ryan Green invariably offers the best of the best with his detailed accounts of the misdeeds and misfortunes of the subjects he chooses to spotlight. I have read all his books and can honestly say I have never been disappointed."

- Txdoc