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"It was a scene from the worst nightmare you've ever had, I don't think any of us was prepared for what we saw." - Snowtown officer

On 20 May 1999, the South Australian Police were called to investigate a disused bank in the unassuming town of Snowtown, in connection to the disappearance of multiple missing people. The Police were not prepared for the chilling scene that awaited them.

The officers found six barrels within the abandoned bank vault, each filled with acid and the remains of eight individuals. The smell from inside the vault was so stifling that the police required breathing equipment. Accompanying the bodies were numerous everyday tools that pathologists would later confirm were used for prolonged torture, murder and cannibalism.

The findings shocked Australia to its core, which deepened still when it was revealed that the torture and murders were committed by not one, but a group of killers. The four men, led by John Bunting, targeted paedophiles, homosexuals, addicts or the ‘weak’ in an attempt to cleanse society.

"I am SUCH a huge fan of Mr. Green's, and this is another shining example of why. He fleshes put the story and gives you background on his serial killers, so that you feel pulled along into the story and Almost start to feel sorry for the killer, but then reminds us at the end that this particular killer made choices, knowingly and willfully. Another great read!"

- J. Gerding

"For me, this author always offers the definitive examination of some of the worst events to disgrace the human race, and this book is a perfect example. It is both riveting and revolting but it is also impossible to put down."

- txdoc