Exclusive Look Inside: Kill ‘Em All

Lost at Sea Carl wanted him before he even knew why. There were plenty of sailors in the bars of New York each night, and there was a lot to be said about the appeal of a man in uniform. Even just the appeal of the uniform itself had been enough to tempt Carl into…

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Exclusive Look Inside: Black Widow

Domestic Goddess Smooth jazz crackled out of the radio on the kitchen windowsill, and Nannie hummed right along with it. Funny to think that just a few years back that kind of music was the province of rebels and teens, when now you could hear it with the turn of a knob. The late afternoon…

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Exclusive Look Inside: Man-Eater

All that Kathy ever wanted was for somebody to love her as much as she loved them. After a brief tussle, David was on top of her again, his sweat trickling down on her as he thrust inside her over and over. All of that weight—the mechanical inevitability of each thrust and groan—was like riding…

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