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In Victorian England, 1896, Evelina Marmon gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Doris. As was typical of the era, she sought adoption to provide a more stable upbringing for her child.

She chanced upon a newspaper advert, ‘Married couple with no family would adopt a healthy child, nice country home. Terms, £10.’ Could this home be the baby’s good fortune?

Evelina wanted to pay a more affordable ongoing fee for her daughter’s care, but Mrs Harding insisted on the substantial one-off payment in advance. She was reluctant to hand over Doris, but Mrs Harding was a trained nurse and respectable married woman who would provide a loving home for her child. So, she agreed.

But Mrs Harding had no intention of caring for Doris. She wasn’t married, and her real name was Amelia Dyer. She wanted money.

Amelia never passed on a new address to the anxious mother. Instead, she found some dressmaking tape and bound it tightly around Doris’s neck, watching and waiting. She disposed of the body in the river Thames and pawned the clothes Evelina had packed.

The Baby Farm Murders is a chilling account of Amelia Dyer, who was responsible for the deaths of up to 400 children, making her one of the most prolific serial killers in True Crime history. Ryan Green provides a suspenseful narrative that draws the reader into the real-life horror experienced by the victims with all the elements of a captivating thriller.

CAUTION: This book contains descriptive accounts of child abuse and extreme violence. If you are sensitive to this material, it might be advisable not to read further.

"As a true crime addict, I love reading Ryan Green’s novels because of his unique style of writing. This book, Seeking Hearts did not disappoint. Straight up, I was heavily invested in this book and the main character Henri Landru."

- Theresa

"Enjoyed SeekingHearts- so much manipulation, so much deceit and deception… it is hard to believe Henri got away with it all for so long, but his scheming was perfect."

- April